Smithfield Festival: Commercial cattle classes

It looks like we’re set for a packed couple of days of showing at The East of England Smithfield Festival. The first day has started with the native heifer class, judged by Tecwyn Jones from Conwy.

In his first line up, he’s chosen a 430kg Galloway from the Alfords – September 2010 born Superstar as his first place animal.

In second it’s Oakchurch Duchess Duffy, an Aberdeen Angus from Michael Kirkby, weighing 582kg. Third is Gupworthy Kiss, a longhorn from Mr and Mrs G Woollatt, hitting the scales at 514kg.

In the pure bred South Devon heifer class, homebred Knowlhill Margaret from A E J and F J Claridge has got the first place.


Then in second it’s 572kg Welland Valley Dallas 21 from Mr J East. Third is Mells Park‘s Mells Park Carmel, weighing 682kg.


The first split of the pure bred beef class, is native steers, 599kg and under. Mr Jones has placed a Galloway, Berlomond Cheeky from Harvey Cattle in his top spot (480kg).


In second is an entry from R J Wright. 552kg Devon, Elmford Lord. Third is Cool Dancer, a 562kg Aberdeen Angus from M and H D Currie.


In the Native steer over 600kg category, it’s G and A McFadzean’s Aberdeen Angus, The end of the line, weighing 630kg in first. Second place goes to A E and C R Bishop and their Aberdeen Angus, The Black Bonus (708kg). Third is Michael Read’s 652kg Lincoln Red, Hemingby Fizz.


In the Pure bred South Devon steer class, N and E Bunkham‘s Thorncott Butch Cassidy, weighing 648kg. Second is 658kg Billington Excalibur 19 from N and E Bunkham. The in third, it’s Kestle Del Boy from R K Rundle.


Next is the best pure bred rosette presentations for each breed:


The Aberdeen Angus rosette has gone to The End of The Line from G and McFadzean.

The Devon prize has been awarded to Elmford Lord from R J Wright.

The Galloway rosette has been awarded to Mr and Mrs Michael Alford’s Superstar.

The Longhorn prize has gone to Mr and Mrs G Woollatt’s Gupworthy Kiss.

The South Devon rosette has been awarded to Knowlhill Margaret from the Clardiges

Lincoln Red, Hemingby Fizz from Michael Read