Smithfield Festival: Continental cattle classes

The first class for the pure bred continental cattle (Continental heifers 600kg and under), has been won by the only Charolais in the class, 528kg Ashmark Farrah (43) from Hugh Dunlop.


In second was Wilodge Flawless, a Limousin from Williams and Tippetts (54). Third is another of the same breed, Powerhouse Frambosia (48), this time from B E Williams.


In the continental heifer 601kg and over category, the first prize has gone to Allanfauld Fizz, a 604kg Charolais from Ewan MacPherson and Son (45). Second was Buck Fast (49), a Charolais from Dermot Small, weighing 622kg.

The third spot was taken by 678kg Foxy Lady, a British Blue from Mr J Clayton.


In the pure bred continental steer class, it was 582kg Powerhouse Frugate (59) from B E Williams in first place.


In second was Arfon R Jones’ Adwys-Ffrancon (56), weighing in at 566kg. And the third spot went to 622kg Llanfair Felix from Frank Jones and Son (58).


In the pure breed rosette presentation, results are as follows;


The British Blue rosette went to 678kg Foxy Lady (40) from Mr J Clayton.

The Charolais prize has been awarded to Allanfauld Fizz (45) from Ewn MAcPherson and Sons.

The Limousin ribbons have gone to Wilodge Flawless from Williams and Tippetts. (54)