Smithfield Festival: sheep sale

Andrew Bishop sold his pair of pure bred Beltex lambs for the top price of £500 a head at the after show sale at the East of England Smithfield Festival on Saturday. They headed to Dafydd Lewis, Llanwrda.


Next best was a £360 call from Upper Coton Farms, Northants for the supreme sheep champions, a pair of homebred Blue Texel x Texel crosses from D S and L E Wadland.


Then at £340 it was a call from Barker and Borlase, Hertfordshire that secured a pair of pure bred Blue Texels from Ivanhoe Livestock.


Not far behind at £300 was a pair of  pure bred Blue Texels from the same exhibitor, this time finding a home with D J and A E M Barlow Farming, Buckinghamshire.


A pair of Suffolk x Beltex from Messers Malcolm M Stewart then went for £240 to P A Pollyn, Wisbech.


Lamb Carcass                                     22 Sold                  £118.86


Sheep                                               121 Sold               £128.12


Charity Sheep                                    8 Sold                    £116.13


(Newark Livestock Market)