South of England Show results

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Sheep leader……..Heading the interbreed line-up in the sheep lines was this Suffolk ram lamb from Keith and Kate Manning’s Shipreed flock. The lamb, which clinched the Manning’s first interbreed title is by Stockton Storm and out of a ewe by Stockton Slocum.

Taking top honours in the Simmental classes and reserve overall male championship was this 2002-born bull Blackford Nobleman from the Norfolk-based Hurn family.

Beef topper…….Simmental cow Awl Starlet from David Sapsed’s 50-cow Heathbrow herd. Starlet is an imported Canadian cow who has had eight calves in six calvings.
Top group……..Leading the interbreed beef group class was this well travelled team of Limousins from P R Dawes of Hereford.
Dairy delight……..Interbreed dairy honours went to the Jersey champion from Radleygreen Designer Jerseys. The cow, Designer Hercules Scorpion, gave more than 7700 litres in her first lactation and also won interbreed honours at Suffolk show the week before.
Super cow…..Plumpton College’s cow PD Bigtime Mistress 2 took top honours in the Dairy Crest Super Cow competition, narrowly pipping another Holstein to the title.

Reserve interbreed honours in the dairy lines went to this cow Cleevale Jed Adona from Radleygreen Designer Holsteins. Adona also stood reserve interbreed at Suffolk last week and now heads home for a break before heading out to the Royal in July.

Prize pig…..Top spot in the pig lines was claimed by this Gloucester Old Spot sow from Dave Overton’s Exfold herd. The sow, Exfold Princess 95, is due for her fourth litter in July.
Second spot in the interbreed sheep competition went to this Charollais shearling ram from John and Anne Griffiths’ Chestnsut Park flock. The Griffiths then went one better by winning the interbreed group competition.
Bull leader….Interbreed male championship honours went to this Charolais bull from Mortimers Farms. The bull Mortimers Upstart is by Dingle Hofmeister and out of a homebred cow, Mortimers Mystery.

Another day another win…..Charolais cow Sackville Sapphire took top honours in the breed classes and went on to stand reserve interbreed champion for her Hartfield, Sussex-based owners Brian and Peter Heath.

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Full results:


Interbreed D A Sapsed’s Simmental cow Awl Starlet; res, B A and P T Heath’s Charolais heifer Sackville Sapphire.
Interbreed group P R Dawes’ Limousins; res, B A and P T Heath’s Charolais.
Aberdeen Angus P C Stovold and Son’s cow Potemkin Erica VO94; res, A E and C Bishop’s heifer Warrenho Juliet-Erica BO80.
Sussex C E and W S Millson’s bull Trottenden Major 2; res, M K D Hind’s cow Maplesden Clementine 270.
Hereford P Noel and R Snelling’s bull Badlingham Bafca; res, P Noel and R Snelling’s bull Sarabande Wolsey.
British Charolais B A and P T Heath’s heifer Sackville Sapphire; res, A White’s bull Balbithan Topaz.
British Simmental A Hurn and Partners’ bull Blackford Nobleman; res, D A Sapsed’s cow Awl Starlet.
Blonde D’Aquitaine P A De Giles’ bull Bilsington Utmost; res, A R Harris’ heifer Fovant Truly.
British Limousin Buriton Estates’ bull Miscombe Solomon; res, Buriton Estates’ heifer Miscombe Tolande.
British White C L Barran’s bull Wispers Winsome; res, Lagan Farms’ heifer Bedlam Green Florence.
Any other breed (beef or dual purpose) J L Dunlop’s Beef Shorthorn bull Tarrant Paladin; res, Chichester College’s Dairy Shorthorn Wreay Merry Maid 10.
Sainsbury’s Super Beef Bull
M K D Hind’s Sussex Mayfield Wellington 5; res, P Noel and R Snelling’s Hereford Sarabande Wolsey.
Continental Mortimers Farms’ Charolais Mortimers Upstart; res, Buriton Estates Limousin Miscombe Urchin.


Interbreed Radleygreen Designer Jerseys’ Jersey cow Designer Hercules Scorpion; res, Radleygreen Designer Holsteins’ Holstein cow Cleevale Jed Adona.
Interbreed group W D Carr’s Holsteins; res, D R and J Heaseman’s Ayrshires.
Ayrshire D R and J Heasman’s cow Pylon Juvenile Red; res, M D M Howie’s cow Douglas’s Little Nell.
Holstein Radleygreen Designer Holsteins’ cow Cleevale Jed Adona; res, Radleygreen Designer Holsteins’ cow Chalkfarm Juror Bonheur.
Jersey Radleygreen Deigner Jerseys’ cow Designer Hercules Scorpion; res, Radleygreen Designer Jerseys’ cow Kentucky Tiptops Hosanna.
Dexter P W Hunt’s cow Saltaire Prawn; res, J A Knight’s cow Beechwood Daisy 2.
Dairy Crest Super Cow Plumpton College’s Holstein PD Bigtime Mistress 2; res, Huddlestone Farmers’ Holstein Huddlestone Jabot Noel Nora.


Interbreed K and K Manning’s Suffolk ram lamb; res, J and A Griffiths Charollais shearling ram.
Interbreed group J and A Griffiths’ Charollais; res, J Wyatt’s Poll Dorsets.
Southdown S Pond’s shearling ram; res, J M A Long’s shearling ewe.
Suffolk K and K Manning’s ram lamb; res, K and K Manning’s untrimmed ewe lamb.
Jacob J W Keats’ shearling ewe; res, A R Kelk’s shearling ewe.
Texel D Morrison and H I Taylor’s shearling ram; res, D Morrison and H I Taylor’s ewe lamb.
Charollais J and A Griffiths’ shearling ram; res, V Miles’ ram.
Any other breed (longwool) S Blakely and M Leech’s Wensleydale ram; res, J Murray’s Romney shearling ewe.
Any other breed (shortwool) D Clarry’s Oxford Down ram; res, V Miles’ Hampshire Down ewe lamb.
Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset J Wyatt’s ram; res, J Wyatt’s shearling ewe.
Butcher’s lambs S W Curran’s Suffolk x Texel; res, S W Curran’s Texel x Texel cross.


Interbreed D Overton’s Gloucester Old Spot sow Exfold Princess 95; res C Bull’s Berkshire boar Morebred Namatijara 9.
Modern breeds Oathall Community College’s Large White gilt Oathall Dainty Lady 3; res, Oathall Community College’s Large White boar Oathall Viking 1.
Traditional breeds D Overton’s Gloucester Old Spot sow Exfold Princess 95; res, C Bull’s Berkshire boar Morebred Namatajira 9.
Commercial pigs Oathall Community College’s single pork pig; res, Plumpton College’s single cutter pig.

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By Jonathan Long

QUALITY WAS the watchword at the South of England Show, with stockmen in all four main sections putting on a fine display of livestock drawn from all over southern England.

Leading the way was the interbreed sheep champion, a Suffolk ram lamb from Keith and Kate Manning’s 20-ewe Shipreed flock.

Their January-born lamb clinched their first interbreed championship at a major show and backed their decision to invest in superior genetics through AI.

The lamb is sired by Stockton Storm and out of a homebred ewe by Stockton Slocum.

Standing reserve in the sheep lines was a Charollais shearling ram from the Glos-based Chestnut Park flock of John and Anne Griffiths.

The ram, Chestnut Park Dumbledore, is by Chestnut Park Alfred and out of a homebred ewe.

In the beef lines, Glasgow-based interbreed judge Archie McGregor picked an imported Canadian Simmental cow as his champion.

The 1995-born polled cow Awl Starlet has an impressive record, having bred eight calves in six calvings for her Herts-based owner David Sapsed.

Starlet, who was without a calf at foot, is now in calf again and is due in September to the herd’s stock bull Hockenhull Kramer.

Reserve spot in the beef classes also went to a female – a Charolais heifer with a calf at foot from local breeders Brian and Peter Heath.

Sackville Sapphire, a 2001-born heifer has already been out on the show circuit this summer, picking up the interbreed award at last month’s Surrey County Show.

Elsewhere in the cattle classes, it was a repeat win for the Radleygreen Designer dairy team, with their second-calving Jersey cow Designer Hercules Scorpion picking up the interbreed honours for the second time in as many weeks, after winning at Suffolk Show the week before. Scorpion gave more than 7700 litres in her first lactation.

The reserve interbreed honours also headed back to Essex with the Radleygreen team, with their Holstein leader Cleevale Jed Adona clinching this ticket, another repeat of the Suffolk results. Adona is a bought-in cow, bred from an imported dam.

Both the Radleygreen cows now head home for a well-earned rest before their next outing, the Royal in the first week of July.

Among the pigs, it was a winning day for David Overton’s Exfold herd of Gloucester Old Spots. Mr Overton’s sow, Exfold Princess 95, stood top in the traditional breed classes and is due to pig again with her fourth litter in September.

Standing reserve to 2001-born Princess was the Berkshire boar Morebred Namatijara 9 from Charles Bull’s Morebred herd. This July 2003-born boar had also stood reserve to Princess in the traditional breed classes.

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