Spring lamb trade on fire as numbers increase

Prime lamb trade is showing no sign of abating across the country as increased numbers at many markets are meeting with strong demand.

At Carlisle on Monday the trade topped at £108.50 a head for Suffolk lambs from Messrs Barbour, Beechgrove, Annan, while Texels from Home Farm made £105.50. Top price a kg went to Colin Hebson, Chapel Farm when he made 237.90/kg for Texel-sired entries.

Further south at Bakewell the 454 lambs forward made up to £250/kg when P and N Tattersall, York, sold their 38.8kg Texel crosses. Overall, lambs levelled at 216.48p/kg with 38-42kg lambs keenly sought after, report the auctioneers. But at Hexham heavy lambs were also in demand with 46kg and 49kg entries from West Morralee selling for £112.50 a head. The same vendors also sold the top price/kg lambs with Texels making 246.1p/kg.