Spring lambs to good trade at Kington

McCartney’s of Kington reported a good entry of 1,850 sheep yesterday.

A good entry of 1,500 spring lambs sold to good trade on the week despite the wet weather.

All the lambs averaged 1.88p/kg up to 1.95p/kg.

Lambs between 32kg and 39kg averaged 1.88p/kg up to 1.92p/kg

Lambs between 39.5kg and 45.5kg averaged 1.88p/kg up to 1.95p/kg

Lambs between 46kg and 52kg averaged 192p/kg up to 1.95p/kg

The heavier lambs over 45kg were in real demand with some 56kg lambs from O Morgan making up to £100.50p

All lambs sold to a reasonably good trade. However, auctioneers reported the lamb trade being under pressure due to the numbers being marketed and the amount of demand from the buyers, which is mainly due to economic pressures in the UK and Europe.


Some 39kg lambs from J T Davies and Son made £73.30, 42kg lambs from E M and J N Jones made £80.50, 44kg lambs from D R and M G Williams made £84.60 and 45kg lambs from the same home made £85.50, 48kg lambs from D A Pugh and Son made £92, 53kg lambs from T V Jones and Co made £96, 56kg lambs from O Morgan made £100.50p

There was another small entry of end of season hoggets which sold to a brisk trade and averaged 1.45ppk to include hoggets with teeth up.

There was a good entry of 350 cull ewes selling to another good trade. The buyers are requiring leaner ewes which sold to premium prices. The ewes sold to a top of £125 for some Texel x ewes from A C Morgan and all the ewes averaged a good £80.20 per head with many hill ewes forward. Tups sold to a good trade with a top of £125 and to average £80 per head. The cull ewes included a large proportion of thinner mule ewes and smaller hill ewes