St Boswells report prime stock price rises

Primestock prices saw rises across the board at St Boswells yesterday with the 54 steers on offer levelling the day at 174p/kg, up 5.8p/kg on the week and 28 heifers averaging 174.4p/kg up 7.7p/kg on a week ago.

Topping the steers was one from Chapelhill, Peebles, which made 194p/kg, while heifers hit a top of 201p/kg for an entry from Bee Edge.

Across in the lambs the top price/head was a healthy £80/head for Texels from A R Bell, Kirkton, Hawick, while the top price/kg was a 165p/kg bid for Beltex from A and P Glennie, Threeburnford.

Cull ewes remained strong, selling to a top of £103/head for Suffolks from R g Laing and Sons, Oxmuir.