St Johns Chapel Swaledales sell to £6000

The first Swaledale tup sale of the season at St Johns Chapel saw a top price of £6000 paid for the winner of the conformation class from the pre-sale show. This one was forward from Ian Collinson, Billingshield and sold to T P Wigham.

st johns chapel 6k.jpgNext best was a brace of £4700 bids, with the first to sell at this price being one from W D and B Thomspson, East Unfank, he was bought by Messrs Nelson, Ash Gill. Second at this price was another from the same vendors which sold to G Thompson, Howburn Farm.

Then making £4500 was a shearling from Ian Collinson. This one was bought by Messrs Nutter. Also at this price was one from W and J Raine, he sold to T Carrick and Sons, High Crossgill.

And a pair traded at the next top call too at £3800. First was one from J Lee, Morely Hill, which sold to Messrs Taylor, Wetmercote. Second to make this money was another from the Thompsons which was sold in a two-way split to J W Dent and Sons, Naby View, and C R Raine and Son, Stanhope Gate. (Barnard Castle Auction Mart).