Steers top at £865 at Cutcombe Market

Exmoor Farmers received 424 cattle through the ring yesterday at Cutcombe Market for the penultimate cattle sale of the year and the final ESCRA sale of the season.

Trade on paper does not reflect the day report auctioneers, with a large variation in ages and quality creating a wide margin in prices with many of the smaller calves selling well to achieve more than £400. Top of the day in the heifers went to Farmlea who sold a 530kg Charolais for £730. This was followed by Messrs EJ and IM Hayes selling a 380kg Simmental for £680.

Steers topped at £865 for a Simmental from Messrs EJ and IM Hayes. Other notable prices included a British Blue from Mr R Webber making £840 of his 375kg steer and Messrs MJ and RSM Barrow making £815 of a 415kg animal.

Top prices a kilo were achieved by the smaller animals with a pair of steers from Mr N Skelton weighing 210kg selling for 280p/kg, not far behind were a group of six steers from Mr J Andrews weighing 220kg and making 279.5p/kg. Heifers reached a peak of 239.5p/kg for a pair of 190kg animals from Messrs Riddle Farm Partnership.

(Exmoor Farmers)