Still some good prices in the seniors

One from David and Vicky Hill, Raysonhall Excalibur (lot 141) has just collected a 4600gns call. This is a Haltcliffe Brazil son out of Raysonhall Una, a Gunnerfleet Richard daughter. 

Trade then dropped off for several lots with a run on not solds slowing things down for a good few minutes.

Then came Rathconville Equator from Paul Brown. This is a Guards Boomer son out of Reask Lasdy, a Reask Indigo daughter. He collected a run of quick bids to sell at 10,000gns.

Following him at 4000gns was Overthwaite Extreme (lot 155). This is an ET-bred Sympa son out of Carmorn Uanita, a Nenuphar daughter. He went to Mr McMillan.