Stirling Bull Sales 2012: Angus female sale

I was a bit late coming to the Aberdeen Angus female sale as the Limousin showing overlapped, but sale results are:


Draft from the Ballathie Herd of Ballathie Estate – all run at grass and never housed.


Lot 185: Fyvie Tip Topper by Geis Gambler sold for 850gns

Lot 186: Fyvie Carlie a TLA Northern Samurai daughter gone at 1,000gns

Lot 187: Fyvie Carlene by WRB Rancher sold for 1,900gns with heifer calf at foot

Lot 189: Fyvie Bouncer a Netherton Billy Boy daughter with heifer calf gone for 2,000gns

A favourite lot up next, Lot 190 Blelack Princess Charlotte sold for 4,000gns – she’s a Blelack Blacksmith daughter

Lot 191, Ballathie Twinkle by Viking Bandy Magic and sold for 1,300gns

Lot 192, Ballathie Jury Erica a Aberan DMM Decision daughter, sold for 1,400gns


Draft from the Etterick Herd of the firm of G Gray


Lot 193, Ettrick Estella, a Rawburn Mighty Prince daughter sold for 2,300gns

Lot 194 Ettrick Elisa K073 a Rawburn Mighty Princedaughter, gone for 3,000gns

Lot 195 Ettrick Lucy K077, a daughter of MVBL Lancer 9F, finds a new home for 1,400gns

Lot 196, Ettrick kEstellet K079 a Rawburn Mighty Prince D356 daughter sold for 1,500gns

Lot 197, Ettrick Miss Bee K080, by Rawburn Mighty Prince D356 sold for 2,400gns

Lot 198 Ettrick Belle K088 gone for 2,000gns

Lot 199   Ettrick Eve K092, a Rawburn Mighty Prince D356 daughter sold for 1,500gns