Stirling Bull sales 2012: Limousin bull sales kicks off

First into the ring lot450 Mr R Dick’s Ronick Google, sired by Ronick Valeurand out of Ronick Dolly, sells for 2,500gns to Mr and Mrs Porter.




Lot452 Mr and Mrs S M and R J Priestley’s BrontemoorGoldfinger, sired by Dinmore Bandit and out of Brontemoor Belvet goes unsold at 2,700gns. 


Lot453 Mr J Burnett’s Spittalton Glyn sired by MiddledaleShergar and out of Spittalton Emma goes unsold at 2,800gns. 


Lot454 Messrs Jenkinson’s Whinfellpark Gearbox sired byBlagueur and out of Whinfellpark Destiny goes unsold at 2,800gns.

Lot455 Mr M J Massie’s Elrick Gigolo sired by ProctersCommander and out of Elrick Uranium sells for 5,500gns.


Lot456 John and Margaret Penny’s Shannas Glenlivet, siredby Kyppe Clark and out of Shannas Dolly, goes unsold at 3,200gns.

Lot459 Mr P J Henshall’s Ringway Black Gambler sired byTamarvalley Boscastle and out of Ringway Dahlia goes unsold at 2,800gns.

Lot460 Messrs J Logan’s Homebyres Gatting, sired byHomebyres Vanhee and out of Homebyres Alicity sells for 5,500gns,having wonreserve senior earlier on today.


Lot461 Mr J Burnett’s senior champion Spittalton Gavinsired by Spittalton Denzil and out of Spittalton Ursula sells for 6,500gns. Hehas a beef value of +30.

Lot462 John and Craig Connell’s Lauder Guinness sired byVagabond and out of Greenwell Asume goes unsold at 2,400gns. He has atremendous beef value of +43.


Lot463 Mr M J Massie’s Elrick Glenlivet sired byCraigatoke Dundee and out of Elrick Aileen goes unsold at 3,700gns.


Lot464 Breconside Farming’s Breconside Golly siredSpittalton Cigolo and out of Breconside Vanilla sells for 2,300gns.


Lot465 Messrs Ridley’s Hatcliffe Greg sired by CloughheadUmpire and out of Hatcliffe Vine goes unsold at 2,500gns.

Lot466 Mr D Orr’s Keirsbeath Gonzales sired by WindsoleElph and out of Keirsbeath Acorn sells for 4,200gns and has a beef value of+30.


Lot467 Mr J Burnett’s Spittalton Grandprix sired bySpittalton Denzil and out of Spittalton Connie goes unsold at 2,200gns.

Lot470 Mr A MacGregor’s Allanfauld Gallas sired byAllanfauld Cracker and out of Allanfauld Sicon sells for 2,800gns.


Lot471 Mr and Mrs S M and R J Priestley’s BrontemoorGarnett sired by Elite Benn and out of Brontemoor Babycham goes unsold at2,400gns.


Lot472 Mr J Burnett’s Spittalton Gator sired by SpittaltonDenzil and out of Spittalton Brodie sells for 5,000gns.

Lot473 Messrs D Work’s third prize bull Dumbreck’s Glenesksired by Wilodge Tonka and out of Dumbrek Brighteyes sells for 5,300gns toCraig Malone, Corbiewood, Stirling.


Lot476 Messrs J Logan’s Homebyres George sired byHomebyres Vanhee and out of Homebyres Alice sells for 6,800gns, having wonfirst prize in his class earlier on this morning.


Lot477 Mr S L Fotheringham’s Ballinloan Gambler sired byNebo Dynamite and out of Mereside Nymph sells for 8,000gns. He stood second inhis class to the previous lot.


Lot478 Messrs J R MacGregor’s Dyke Geezer sired byCappaduff Aaron and out of Dyke Crocus sells for 3,000gns.

Lot479 Messrs M and D Sutherland’s Lingland General siredby Rainbow Simon and out of Lingland Cindy goes unsold at 1,600gns.  


Lot481 Mr A MacGregor’s Allanfauld Goldeneye sired byAllanfauld Cracker and out of Allanfauld Opium is unsold at 2,800gns.

Lot484 Mr R Cruickshank’s Kype Geronimo sired by JodelClayton and out of Kype Beauty sells for 6,000gns. He was first in his class.

Lot486 Mr D Baillie’s Calla Graham sired by Goldies Cometand out of Calla Audrey sells for 4.600gns.

Lot488 Mr J Thomson’s Beath Gunrunner sired by GoldiesCrackerjack and out of Sarkley Carmen sells for 3,500gns.


Lot489 Messrs D Work’s Dumbreck Glenfiddich sired bySympa and out of Shannas Venata sells for 6,800gns.

Lot490 Mr and Mrs S Irvine’s Anside Gareth sired byFrewstwon Breakdance and out of Oddacres Caramel sells for 4,700gns.


Lot491 Mr D Baillie’s third prize bull Calla Geoffrysired by Goldies Comet and out of Calla Bounty goes unsold at 4,200gns.


Lot492 Mr Michael Massie’s second prize bull ElrickGoldmine sired by Craigatoke Dundee and out of Elrick Connie sells for 4,800gns.


Lot493 Mr J Nimmo’s Maraiscote Genesis sired by VirginiaAndy and out of Maraiscote Mardigras sells for 4,000gns.


Lot495 Mr D Hume’s Goldies Black Grange sired by GoldiesVegas and out of Goldies Cynthia sells for 2,500gns.

Lot496 Messrs W and A Oag’s Brims Gambler sired byWilodge Cerberus and out of Brims Urge sells for 5,000gns to Mr Walker.


Lot497 Mr M J Massie’s Elrick Goldrush sired byCraigatoke Dundee and out of Elrick Centrefold goes unsold at 2,700gns.


Lot498 Mr J Burnett’s Spittalton Gobig sired bySpittalton Denzil and out of Spittalton Capri sells for 4,800gns.


Lot499 Messrs Jenkinson’s Whinfellpark Global sired byDinmore Bandit and out of Oeillere sells for 3,600gns.

Lot500 Mr and Mrs Penny’s Shannas Galaxy sired byCraigatoke Bart and out of Shannas Crumpet sells for 5,200gns.


Lot502 Mr R Cruickshank’s Kype Granite sired by Ulsterand out of Kype Abigail sells for 3,800gns.


Lot503 Mr J A Ewing’s third prize bull Scotchtown Gussired by Wilodge Cerberus and out of Scotchtown Valentine sells for 4,800gns.


Lot504 Mr R Dick’s Ronick Gent sired by Sarkley Cromwelland out of Ronick Betta sells for 4,200gns.


Lot505 Mr J Nimmo’s Maraiscote Gavin sired by GoldiesComet and out of Maraiscote Bop sells for 3,200gns.

Lot506 Mr D Orr’s Keirsbeath Gulliver sired by WindsoleElph and out of Keirsbeath Aspen sells for 3,000gns.


Lot507 Mr J Nimmo’s Maraiscote Graham sired by GoldiesComet and out of Maraiscote Asmine sells for 3,200gns.


Lot508 Bruce T Goldie’s first prize senior bull GoldiesGlengrant sired by Hatcliffe Doctor and out of Goldies Cindy sells for 4,200gns.


Lot509 Mr J Watson’s Tweeddae Gerald sired by NewhouseCyclone and out of Marlepark Christina sells for 5,200gns. He was second in hisclass earlier today.