Stirling Bull Sales: 7,000gns for strong bull Thrunton Rocket

Lot 277 Ms Angela McGregor’s Newcairnie Joust Equity L299 by Blelack Evril H998 and out of Newcairnie Janette Erica Z071 sells for 3,000gns

Lot 279 Messrs J H C Campbell and Sons’ Thrunton Rocket L282 by Netherallan Peter Pershore E052 and out of Lakewood Rhapsody Z001 sells for 7,000gns

Lot 282 Martin R McCornick ESQs’ McCornick Evolution by Netherton Mr American E370 and out of Rawburn Evergrand C233 sells for 7,000gns

Lot 283 Messrs N F Massie and Sons’ Blelack Benson L754 by Blelack Kanasta Lad G191 and out of Blelack Blaeberry D937 sells for 3,900gns

Lot 284 Playfair Farms’ Tofts Tevix L817 Auchengray Evlix and out of Tofts Tibbie H203 sells for 3,500gns