Stirling Bull Sales: 9,000gns for Galawater Lord Randolph

Lot 258 Messrs Pottinger’s Isauld Blackhawk L151 by Galawater Lord Randolph H500 and  out of Dalmore Black Lily Z005 sells for 9,000gns

Lot 267 J Robert Galloway Esq’s Cardona Eragon L783, sired by Ballavitchel Blackbarclays Prem and out of Cardona Ermus F432, sells at 4,500gns.

Lot 269 Messrs N F Massie and sons’ Blelack Lord Handsome, sired by Equity and out of Blelack Lady Heather, sells for 11,000gns.

Lot 271 Thomas M C Rennie’s Mosston Muir Del Boy L286, sired by Mosston Muir Innes and out of Mosston Muir Delia F140, sells away at 2,00gns.

Lot 274 Messrs T H Brewis’s Eastfield Father Jack L287, sired by Rawburn Edge J983 and out of Eastfield Fay G710, sells at 4,00gns.