Stirling collective Charolais sell to 3600gns

Best price in thecollective Charollais females on offer was a 3600gns bid for Mortimers Damselfrom Mortimers Farms. This Ravensworth Alder daughter is out of MortimersTamira and had been female champion in the pre-sale show. She was knocked downwith a TSI of +17 and an SRI of +24 to Murrey Lyle.

Second top was a 3100gnsbid for Newhouse Electra from the Drew and Bob Adam. This is a daughter ofSackville Adonis and is out of Newhouse Tara, a Brampton Nacodar daughter. She sold to Messrs McNee.

Then at 3000gns wasanother from Mortimers Farm, Mortimers Elena. This is again by RavensworthAlder and is out of Mortimers Venice, a Cleffany Spitfire daughter. She has aTSI of +6 and an SRI of +11.

Selling at 2800gns wasGoldies Designer, a Balthayock Ulex daughter from Hamish Goldie. She is out ofGoldies Virginia and sold to Mr Butcher with a TSI of +32 and an SRI of +39.