Stirling (Perth) Charolais bull preview

Well, with the Carlisle Limousin preview done and already attracting a few comments, here goes for more controversy with the Charolais preview for Stirling.

First bull to warrant a mention is the first in the catalogue, Goldies Champion (lot 231). This one is by Goldies Uppermost and out of Kinclune Pipper, a Killadeas Legend daughter. He is forward from the Ridley family of Haltcliffe who bought him in Carlisle for 28,000gns. However, many of you will remember that he first appeared at Perth back in October 2008 when he was reserve junior champion and sold for 38,000gns. He sells with a TSI of +39 and an SRI of +46, but a calving value of -10.3, it’ll be interesting to what he makes this time round.

It’s quite a jump to my next pick, Blelack Elias (lot 278), he is by Thrunton Socrates and out of Blelack Avril, a Pedr Tennessee daughter. He draws the eye with a massive calving ease figure of +18.1, the biggest in the book. His TSI is +34 and his SRI is +32. You may find I pick quite a few Blelack bulls in this preview, this is no way a bias, but if the Massie’s bulls look as well as they read then they should be an outstanding string of bulls.

And it’s another from the same home next, this time Blelack Eros (lot 289), another by 25,000gns sire Socrates, he is out of Blelack Anthea, a Bassingbourn Ralph daughter. He has a TSI of +47 and an SRI of +53 and excels in a lot of his figures, apart from his daughters calving ease which could be a concern for some.

A pair of bulls from Gilbert Crawford catch my eye next, they both should be fair specimens and are closely bred with Coolnaslee Empire (lot 302) being by Sandleford Bergkamp and out of Coolnaslee Vale, a Allanfauld Superscot daughter, while Coolnaslee Embark is by the same sire, but out of Oscar Natasha, dam of Vale and dam of Coolnaslee Universe a 17,000gns sale at Perth. Empire has a TSI of +21 and an SRI of +25 and an impressive show record, while Embark has a TSI of +19 and an SRI of +20.

Next up is the very next bull, Balthayock Elector (lot 304). This is a son of the prolific and prodigous Dingle Hoffmeister out of Balthayock Abigail, a Penfold Seaanchor daughter and comes with a TSI of +43 and an SRI of +52. He could be a fair bull going by pedigree and figures.

And, sticking with the same home my next pick is Balthayock Eagle (lot 315). This is slightly differently bred, being by Balthayock Adonis and out of Balthayock Atlanta, another Seaanchor daughter. He once again has an exceptional calving ease figure at +11.3 and has a TSI of +54 and a massive SRI of +62.

One from Esmor Evans is in line after that, in the form of Maerdy Emperor (lot 323). This is by Maerdy Padirac and out of Maerdy Omlette, making him full brother to Maerdy Beauty, the fleshy, stylish heifer which won the breed and interbreed championships at the Royal Welsh in 2008 for Esmor. He comes with a TSI of +33 and an SRI of +39.

Then I’ve marked one from Bill Bruce, Balmyle Esmor (lot 325). This Maerdy Barbican son is out of Balmyle Ripple, a Brampton Nacodar daughter and dam of 26,000gns bull Balmyle Dickler. He comes with a TSI of +45 and an SRI of +52.

A little later I’ve picked Inverlochy Edict (lot 343), the first son of 30,000gns sire Balmyle Bollinger to come forward from the Irvines. This is out of Inverlochy Une, a daughter of the herd’s great breeder Inverlochy Resolve. He has a TSI of +29 and an SRI of +44.

On from there I’ve marked Newhouse Emperor (lot 356), this is a son of Solitude Attaboy out of Newhouse Vicky, dam of Newhouse Dingdong, intermediate and overall champion at Stirling last February. He has a TSI of +47 and a hefty SRI of +58.

I’m drawn to Pennal Extreme (lot 378) next. This is another by Hoffmeister and is out of Pennal Violet, a Killadeas Jack daughter. He should have plenty of flesh about him. His TSI is +43 and his SRI is +50.

Next comes quite probably the pick from the strong Blelack team, Blelack Edition. This one is a Coolnaslee Adversary son out of Blelack Aster, a Bassingbourn Ralph daughter. He was shown at the Forfar calf show and has a TSI of +33 and an SRI of +35. Having seen a photo of this one, he could be a real choice for a few pedigree breeders.

Then I’m on to another from Inverlochy, this time a Lochend Apache son, Inverlochy Express (lot 399). This is out of Inverlochy Angie, an Inverlochy Resolve daughter, so combines some great lines. This one was also shown at Forfar and has a TSI of +34 and an SRI of +41, although his milk figure of 3 is below the breed average.

Following that is the first pick for me from the Campbells, Thrunton Equity (lot 400). This is a Newhouse Bigal son out of Thrunton Suprise, a Mowbraypark Orlando daughter, with Bigal costing 22,000gns and Orlando 25,000gns and Orlando’s sons selling to the same price, he certainly has a high priced pedigree. He has a TSI of +36 and an SRI of +41, with a calving ease figure of +6.5.

It’s a bit of a jump to my next, Sackville Eros (lot 435). This one is by Roundhill Rocky and out of Sackville Sapphire, making him full brother to 14,000gns Sackville Adonis and 18,000gns Sackville Dynamite, he is also maternal brother to 18,000gns Sackville Claudius. He has a TSI of +27 and an SRI of +32 and the word is that at least one pedigree herd is keen to secure this one.

Then it’s on to another Thrunton entry, Thrunton Excelsior (lot 439). This Orlando son is out of Thrunton Odaisy, a Haymount Jeststream daughter, which was dam of Thrunton Bonjovie, Perth champion in February 2008 and sold for 11,000gns. He has a TSI of +21 and an SRI of +27 and comes from a grand dam which has been behind three Perth champions, so has to warrant a look.

Jumping on again my next pick is Goldies Equity (lot 467). This is by Goldies Ambassador and out of Goldies Cath, a Killadeas Original daughter and gets a nod due to a calving ease figure of +10.2. He has a TSI of +40 and an SRI of +46.

And, as I’m trying to keep this previews compact, that completes my picks, although there are more that may warrant a mention I’ll leave it there and let you add your own selections below…….