Stirling (Perth) Simmental bull preview

Once again I’m about to put my neck on the line and bring you a snapshot of my picks from the Simmental catalogue for the forthcoming Stirling sale. So, heere goes, as always feel free to add your own comments and opinions on anything I’ve missed…..

First to earn a mark in my catalogue is Mayfield Woden, a Corskie Storm son out of Balmanno Lavinia from Whitehouse Farms. He comes with a terminal sire index of +30 (the simm average is +20) and a self replacing index of +35 (against an average of +23).

Then with an encouraging calving ease figue of +5 comes Banwy Wonderboy from the Jones family. This is by Camus Brandy and out of Banwy Sexygirl, a Starline New Yorker daughter. His sire line is a relatively old line, but with a TSI of +28 and an SRI of +35, he might be worth a peak.

And with an SRI of +36 is Starline Wizard from Henry Widdecombe. This is line bred being by Starline Klassik and out of Starline Karina 2, a Klassik daughter. Intriguingly he has an SRI of +36, but a calving value of -6.2.

Billy Robson and family have a strong team entered and first among these is Kilbride Farm Wisdom, a Cairnview Snazzy son out of a Kilbride Farm Newry daughter. He has a TSI of +29 and an SRI of +35.

With similar figures is Manor Park Wishful Thinking from Clive Houldley. This is an Ashland Perfect son out of Manor Park Susan. And his calving figure is in the positive – just at +0.1.

And then its back to the Robson’s team for Kilbride Farm Woodsman. This is by Snazzy again and out of another Newry daughter, Kilbride Farm Jolly, dam of 13,000gns Kilbride Farm Tweed and Kilbride Farm Valour. This one has a TSI of +24 and an SRI of +29.

With more bumper figures is Corskie Windsor from Jimmy and Iain Green. This is by Celtic Rock and out of Corskie Dulcie, a Burghbridge Lane daughter. He has as TSI of +32 and an SRI of +38.


Anyone wanting an easy calving sire could do worse than look at Drumsleed Wagner from Gerald Smith. This is a Beeches Rockford son out of  Drumsleed Nikki, a Brooklyn Jonti daughter. He has a TSI of +25, an SRI of +34 and a calving ease figure of +6.6.

A bumper set of figures and a good line come with Skerrington Westminster from John Young. He’s by Corskie Proton, a Popes Laird son and out of Skerrington Rebecca 12. He has an SRI of +44, a TSI of +37 and a calving ease of +2.4.

And again on the easy calving lines is Banwy Warlord. This is by Starline New Yorker and out of a Laird daughter and has a TSI of +24, an SRI of +33 and a calving ease of +5.5, alongwith a milk figure of +33.

Then, once again its back to the Robson offering, with a brace of Snazzy sons, first up is Kilbride Farm Wembley, while next is Kilbride Farm Walcot. Wembley is out of a Carnekern Titan daughter and has a TSI of +29 and an SRI of +35, while Walcot (spot the football theme here) is out of a Seaview Prince Charming daughter and has a TSI of +30 and an SRI of +36.

Another Proton son from John Young is next in Skerrington Wanaka. He is out of a Skerrington Legacy daughter and has an SRI of +36 and a TSI of +30, along with a milk value of +8. Top milk values come with another from Gerald Smith, Drumsleed Windsor. This is by Tilbrook Rolo and out of a Beeches Kestrel daughter. With a TSI of +21 and an SRI of +28, his milk figure of +10 and calving ease of +2.4 are the real highlights.

And then from the Aitken family is Dunmore Winsbury. This Celtic Rock son is out of Annick Primrose’s Sunflower, full sister to Annick Talisker junior champion at Perth in Feb 08 and sold for 20,000gns. He has a TSI of +30 and an SRI of +33.

More Tilbrook breeding is present in Team Wyoming, a Tilbrook Noble son out of Team Kasey 2, a Cleenagh Jack daughter. He has a TSI of +30 and an SRI of +38.

Top breeding from John Moore’s Omorga herd is next to get a mark, with Omorga Wagner on offer. This son of Dripsey Super King – a Raceview King son – is out of Omorga Maid, a daughter of Cleenagh Daffodil, dam of breed record holder Omorga Samson, and by Corrick Kentucky Kid. His TSI is +30 and his SRI if +36, with those bloodlines he has to be one to watch.

A high end SRI is on offer from well bred Corskie Wealth, with this one carrying an SRI of +42, alongside a sire line from Ballinlare Farm Nightrider and out of a Laird daughter. He has a TSI of +33.

The Robson load looks full of stars, with Kilbride Farm Wrangler another to look out for. This is by Newry and out of Kilbride Farm Eunice, a dam from some of the herd’s top lines. He has a TSI of +27 and an SRI of +31.

A pair of Laird sons from Corskie are interesting too, being Corskie Wallis, out of a Burghbridge Lane daughter and Corskie Western, out of another dam bred similarly. They have TSIs of +31 and +33 and SRIs of +42 and +43, respectively.

One from David Hazelton is also noteworthy. This is Ranfurly Wisonsin, a Hillcrest Champion son out of Raceview Mandy Beauty, full sister to Raceview Nicollette Beauty and Raceview Merle Beauty, dam of E20,000 Carragheen Tyson. He comes with a TSI of +24 and an SRI of +30.

Leading show exhibitors Boddington Estates have one from their prize winning line on offer, Sterling Waterloo 2. This is by Boswell Tornado and out of Sterling Krumpets Roxanne, last year’s Burke winner at the Royal. She also took a number of other top tickets too. Waterloo 2 has a TSI of +26 and an SRI of +25.

In the last class John Moore has another bred from his Cleenagh Daffodil line, being Omorga Woodrow. By Slievenagh Fantastic, he has a TSI of +26 and an SRI of +34, coupled with a calving figure of +3 and a milk figure of +5.

So, that’s my pick, what are yours?