Stirling Simmentals selling solidly

Making 4200gns was Skerrington Amos (lot 424), he’s by Stering Nelson 2 and out of Skerrington Rhona 10, a Skerrington Deadline daughter. With a TSI of +25 and an SRI of +26 he went to the Crofters Commission.

At 4000gns was the first of the day from the Blackford herd. This was Blackford Aristocrat (lot 426) and is by Kilbride Farm Strabane and out of Blackford Sonsy. He went with a TSI of +20 and an SRI of +22. TS ST Oct 10 Lot 426.JPGAnother by Strabane and carrying the Blackford prefix, but this time from Jim McLaren then sold at 4200gns. This was Blackford Apache (lot 431), out of Blackford Panache and has a TSI of +18 and anSRI of +22.

Making 5000gns was Grangewood Albert (lot 433), this is by Tilbrook Turpin and out of Grangewood Lucinda 2. He went with a TSI of +24 and an SRI of +28.

Dark bull Kilbride Farm Annahilt (lot 435) then sold at 5000gns. This is by Cairnview Snazzy and out of Kilbride Farm Dora 22T, a Seview Prince Charming daughter. He sold with a TSI of +31 and an SRI of +36.