Stong lamb entry at Ashford Market

A good entry of lambs for Ashford Market’s first Friday sale of the season saw several pens of prime lambs on offer as well as strong store prices. The best stores went at about £38 a head, while medium sorts went to £34 to £36. A pen of smart Texel lambs topped store trade at £41.50 from Hugh and Pauline Skinner while Suffolk x Mules made £40.90 from I T Henshaw and Suffolk x Romney’s were up to £38.80 a head from M J Ashworth. Texel crosses topped at £38 from A A Palmar and Son.

Finished lambs topped at £49.90 from A A Palmar and Son, £49.50 from J M and H J Stuart-Smith, £47.20 from M J Ashworth, £46.80 from Peter Wickham and £46.50 from J E C Farrant (Hobbs Parker).