Store cattle trade tops at £1,200 at Cirencester

Cirencester Market saw another exceptional trade for their weekly store cattle sale with the stronger Continental steers selling over £1,200 and topping at £1,500 (221p/kg).


Blonde steers from M/s H Smith and Son topped at £1,400 (235p/kg) and British Blue steers sold to £1,410 (181p/kg) from M/s Burcher, Son and Jones. The native breeds saw Hereford steers to £1,310 (194p/kg) from Mr A M Fisher with the stronger Friesian steers to £1,135 (180p/kg) from M/s Burcher, Son and Jones, Arlingham.  


The stronger heifers saw Blondes to £1,280 (217p/kg) from M/s H Smith & Son, and Simmental’s to £1,160 (171p/kg) from M/s J Jones & Son.


The farming cattle met a “flying” trade with the better shaped well grown sorts extremely dear. Limousin steers from M/s A and V Albutt and Sons, sold to £1,230 (214p/kg) and £1,190 (225p/kg) with British Blue steers to £1,190 (213p/kg) from M/s Burcher, Son and Jones.


All the better Continental steers traded near the £1,000 mark and around and above the £2kg. The native breeds saw Aberdeen Angus steers to £1,190 (216p/kg) and £1,090 (214p/kg) from M/s B J Arkell and Partners. The farming Friesian steers traded regularly between £650 – £750 (165 – 180p/kg) topping at £865 (170p/kg) from Mr J Bennett.


Auctioneers: Voyce Pullin.