Store sheep trade encouraged by higher finished prices

A 10p a kilo lift in the finished price has encouraged buyers to purchase store lambs and this translated in to a cracking sale with a £60.70 overall lamb average at a time of year when size and quality is in decline.

Buyers were present from West Wales, Norfolk and all across the Midlands and more lambs could have been sold to advantage.

Texel cross ewe lambs peaked at £124 a head from AT Froggatt, Rugeley. The same vendor reached £102 a head for a pen of Charollais. Next at £79 a head were another pen of Texel crosses, this time from AG Tomkinson, Thorpe.

 The top pen of Charollais cross store lambs from GF Stodart, Calver, reached £70 a head. This was closely followed by JW and JR Davies pen of Texel crosses from Hope, selling to £68.50 a head.

Next were two pens at £68 a head. The first of Texel crosses from CM Lindholm, Hognaston and the second, Suffolk crosses from J and PM Makinson, Sutton.


Breeding sheep

Theaves and ewes sold well, with Mules topping the sale at £149 a head with others at £142, £142 and £140. The top pens came from GR Staley and Son.

In the correct ewe section E Mellor of Haddon Grove had Texel crosses at £136 a head and Rutland Estates sold Mules at £118 and £110.  Texel crosses hit £110 and Gritstones from TD Harding sold at £110 a head.

Broken mouthed ewes sold to £71 for Mules from AB Bowler of Ashleyhay.



A catalogued entry of over 200 stock rams saw buyers still keen to purchase the quality rams just in time to turn straight out to work.  A strong Blue Faced Leicester shearling topped the day at £610.