Straidahanna pedigree dairy herd sale tops 2,550gns

The Straidahanna pedigree herd of Holstein Friesians consigned Wilson Stewart, Willoxton Farm, Mauchlineby went under the hammer at Borderway Mart with a top of 2,550gns.

Mr Stewart moved from N Ireland to Willoxton Farm, Ayrshire in 2007 along with his long established and much admired dairy herd and since then progressively increased the herd numbers. With most of the barns full to capacity the decision was made to reduce numbers by selling a choice from all sections of the herd.

Topping the sale was a stylish red cow Straidahanna Pietje April Red was sired by Coopon Torment and bred from an Excellent 92 Skagvale High Country dam. She was a week calved and sold for 2,550gns to RM and N Wainwright and Son, Castle Farm, Low Hesket.

Selling for 2,450gns was Straidnahanna BB Barbara bred from a VG86 dam that produced over 8000kgs in her fifth lactation. She now joins the herd of SF Wilson and Co, Blackbyers, Glasgow.

Mr Wainwright from Low Hesket also purchased Straidnahanna Pietje Avita for 2,280gns. She was sired by Coopon Torment from a dam with over 9,000kgs in her second lactation.

Topping the in-calf heifers was Straidahanna Babs August sired by Straidnahanna Barman. She was bred from six generations of Excellent or Very Good dams, the fourth dam was DRA August EX96. She sold for 2,000gns to MG and S Harper of West House Farm, Dearham.

Topping the maiden heifer trade was Staidnahanna Cedric August sired by Moon-Line Cedric. This was bred from a maternal sister to the top price in-calf heifer from the August family. This super heifer was purchased for 1,200gns and now joins the herd of Mr Robbie Scott from the prize winning Nethervalley herd in Ayrshire.

Topping the baby calves was a beautiful heifer born in June sired by Ards Skipper Red. Her dam was Lomond Goldwyn Tory VG87 bred by the famous cattle photographer Jane Steel. Tory was bred from eight generations of Excellent or Very Good dams from the heart of the Willsondale Triuna family and sold for 850gns to J Henderson & Co of North Hill of Dirpps, Glasgow.

23 Cows & Heifers in milk £1996.00
21 In-Calf Heifers £1633.50
58 Maiden Heifers £816.47
29 Heifer Calves £467.50

(Harrison and Hetherington)