Strong cull cow trade continues

The strong cull cow trade seems set to continue as shown at United Auctions’ sale of store cattle, cast cows and store sheep, where a Limousin X cull cow hit £1,665.

Out of the 169 cull cows put forward at Stirling auction centre, it was a Limousin X from Quixwood which hit the top price of the day; the others averaged at 124.93p/kg and peaked at 194.7p/kg for a Limousin X from Quixwood.

Meanwhile, a total of 731 bullocks went under the hammer, selling to an average of 200.17p/kg (+3.11p/kg) and to a peak of 245.2p/kg for a 310kg Charolais X from Muirston and £1,400 for a 788kg Limousin X from East Banknock.

553 heifers sold to an average of 201.93p/kg (-0.33p/kg) and to a peak of 226.8p/kg for a 291kg Limousin X from Killeonan and £1,100 for a 584kg Limousin X from East Banknock.

And 99 young bulls sold to an average of 193.92p/kg and a peak of 227.8p/kg for a 338kg Limousin X from Little Kype and £1,000 for a 570kg Limousin X from Altewan. 

The smaller entry of forward cattle (23) put forward averaged at 185.78p/kg and sold to a top of 210.6p/kg for a Limousin X from Glenehervie and £1,275 for a Limousin X from Sketewan.

The large entry of store sheep put forward (3071) saw the top price of £80 going for Suffolk X from Parbroath and Texel X from Ashfield.  Other leading prices included £77 for Suffolk X from Meikle Camoqhull, £75 for Mule from Knowehead and £74 for Suffolk X from Dlmahoy and Beltex X from Kilwinnet.

Cast tups hit £108 for a Cheviot from Little Ballo, while in the breeding sheep section, Beltex Gimmers from Mannerston hit £220 and £210


SuffX hoggets  £67.63

TexX hoggets  £66.48

Mule hoggets  £63.25

BF hoggets   £48.17

Beltex hoggets  £72.06

(United Auctions)