Strong sheep trade at Bakewell

More than 4,500 sheep were on offer at Bakewell market with buyers turning out in force resulting in a trade that was sufficiently strong leaving several buyers leaving empty handed.

While there were several substantial runs of quality lambs on offer there were a good many vendors selling their last lambs of the season, many of which were late born and very much in need of greener pastures.

This together with a proportion of hill bred and horned lambs in the sample made the overall average for ewe and wether lambs of £59.61 all the more remarkable. A top of £71 was seen for Texel x lambs with Mule wethers selling ti £64.50.

In the breeding sheep department trade was buoyant for the limited selection of 450 on offer.
Shearling Ewes sold to £94 for Texel cross, £72 for Gritstones, £96 for Mules and £90 for Charollais x.

Fully warranted ewes reached £90 for Texel x, £82 for Mashams, £88 for Suff x, £86 for Mules and £52 for Swaledales.

Rams were in strong demand with Charollais Ram lambs to £260. Kerry Shearlings to £130 and Aged Texel to £220.

Auctioneers: Bagshaws