Strong support for Southdowns at Worcester

TheSouthdown Sheep society’s Annual Show and Sale at Worcester continues to gainmomentum and support with a strong contingent of buyers.

Tocall of the day went to the overall champion, a shearling ram from DS and PHumphrey’s East Dean flock. The ram previously won male champion at theSociety’s National Show at the South of England and levelled at 480gns, sellingto R D Westwood, from Halesowen, West Mids.

The”East Dean” flock enjoyed a sound following with their third prize shearlingram selling at 380gns to D. Hulme, Leek. Staffs and their Reserve OverallChampion a shearling ewe peaking at 250gns the top price in the female sectionto L. Weston, Tregaron, Ceredigion.

Secondprize shearling ewe from A and C Brown’s Gunton flock was closely followed andpeaked at 220gns, selling to P Dolman, from Burton on Trent, Staffs.

Anothertwo shearling ewes from the same flock sold at 210gns and 200gns to L Weston, fromTregaron and S Quardon, from Wantage, Oxon respectively.

Ewelambs topped a creditable 250gns for the third prize winner from Gail Sprake’sAll Saints flock. The twin lamb, born in the top 25% for muscle depthrecording, sold to P Dolman, from Burton on Trent, Staffs.

Ramlambs were a selective trade, but reached 350gns for a March born lamb with NewZealand bloodlines from P A and R A Whitcombe. It sold to O.W. J. singleton& Son, Brecon, Powys.


                           12  Flock Ewes                                         £106.75

                           17  Shearling Ewes                                   £198.26

                             3  Ewe Lambs                                         £217.00

                             2  Senior Rams                                       £257.25

                             7  Shearling Rams                                   £327.00

                             3  Ram Lambs                                        £234.50


                                 McCartneys LLP