Strong trade for continentals at Frome

Frome market witnessed another blistering trade for continental cattle last week, reports auctioneers Premier Livestock.


Demand for young continentals out-stripping supply and many purchasers were unable to fill orders. An outstanding eight month single suckled, homebred Charolais from J E Everett commanded excellent prices with their steers to £858 and heifers to £722.


Well grown nine month old Simmental steers were keenly sought to peak at £930 and heifers to £795 from John Marklove.  Nine month Limousin steers from MJ Squire went to £880. And a smart entry of five month British Blues from Tim Handy saw steers to £750 and heifers to £735. Dairy bred Continentals attracted strong interest and many more could have been sold.


For older continentals, all cattle forward sold well in excess of £1,000. Farm Assured heavyweights met a premium from the large company of fattening buyers with many selling in advance of £1,300.


Top honours of the day went to George and Clive Wareham with their quality British Blue steers peaking at £1,340 and Simmentals to £1,320. Other good Simmentals sold to £1,150 and £1,085 from Chris Hannam. 


Quality British Blues sold well to £1,275 from J Smart and £1,160 from Maurice Crabb.  Heifer trade continues at an exceptional pace.  Good conformation Blues peaked at £1,300 from E J Tyler. Younger types went to £1,080 from J Smart and £1,012 from P G Curtis. Forward Simmentals wanted with the best to £1110 from Les Tuffin and £1050 from WAT Stacy & Partners. The bulling trade continues at amazing levels. Vendors are encouraged to sell quickly to take advantage of this strong demand with Continental types to £895.


There was a strong trade for the 32 Friesians forward with vendors rewarded for selling during the Summer months.  Demand for Friesian steers was stronger than ever with yearlings at £532 from S D G & AG Cradock.  Grazers met keen interest at £755 from P W Keen & Sons and to £805 from Les Tuffin. Deeper bodied types went to £960 and best steers met a flying trade to £1,078 and £1,050 from HRH Hansford.