Stubble turnips provide a cost effecive winter diet

Stubble turnips provide a cost effective winter diet and deliver consistent lamb eating quality, according to ADAS.

Results from an ADAS trial, funded by EBLEX, HCC, QMS, DEFRA and AWM, found stubble turnips were the cheapest feed in terms of overall cost a head and cost a kg live weight gain compared to grass/silage and ad-lib concentrates. For example the costs (£/kg) of live weight gain for lambs finished in March on grass/grass silage, turnips and concentrates were £1.25, £0.45 and £1.20 respectively.

Although concentrate lambs finished heavier and earlier, lambs finished on stubble turnips did score high with tenderness and flavour.

However, producers may need to consider vitamin E supplementation with animals grazing on root crops.

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