Stylish heifer makes £2,180 at Leek Market

A smashing trade yesterday at Leek Cattle Market saw a top price of £2,180 and six to over £2,000 out of the 33 milkers forward.

Top call went to first time vendors Messrs Richardson of Audley for a tremendously stylish heifer by Painley Kayak, she was sold giving 30kg, realising £2,180 and went to Messrs Sherwin of Sproston. A second from the same home made £2,020 to the same purchaser.

A nice heifer by Durham Ross from Mark Jolliffe of Yarlet reached £2,100 she was sold giving 30kg and was purchased by Messrs Burton of Basford who also took a heifer from Messrs Brookes of Field at £2,080.

Cows peaked at £1,710 for a fourth calver from Henry Prince of Roston.

1st Quality Heifers to £2,180 average £2,008

2nd Quality Heifers to £1,680 average £1,579

2nd Quality Cows to £1,710 average £1,570

(Leek Auctions)