Supply and demand forces prices up at Ludlow

The lowest entry of cattle and sheep Ludlow Market have had in November for years drew some of the strongest trade ever- with price driven by supply and demand.

With 268 finished cattle forward auctioneers reported as many buyers around the ring as cattle in the yard. Prices were as followed:

Medium steers Best quality to 204.5p av. 200.2p; Standard quality to 185.0p av. 188.0p.

Heavy steers Best quality to 213.5p av. 200.6p; Standard quality to 194.0p av. 187.2p; Also rans to 179.0p; Overall average 192.0p.

Medium heifers Best quality to 222.5p av. 207.4p; Standard quality to 188.0p av. 182.1p; Also rans to 159.5p; Overall average 193.0p.

Heavy heifers Best quality to 238.5p av. 211.1p; Standard quality to 195.0p av. 187.7p; Also rans to 178.5p; Overall average 194.2p.

Light bulls To 192.5p average 181.0p.

Medium bulls To 206.0p average 191.0p.

Heavy bulls To 236.0p average 202.2p.


On the sheep front there were no where near enough lambs forward for the buyers present, leading to a strong trade.

Light Lambs to 187.0p av. 178.1p

Standard Lambs to 207.0p av. 191.6p

Medium Lambs to 207.5p av. 192.6p

Heavy Lambs to 205.5p av. 186.2p

Overweight Lambs to 182.0p av. 173.1p

Export quality lambs sold up to 207.5p per kilo and averaged 195.7p per kilo and home trade lambs sold up to 191.5p per kilo and averaged 188.3p per kilo.

Another very strong trade on all of the killing ewes. A nice entry for November. Killing ewes sold up to £120.00 and an overall average of £65.10 to include some very lean sorts. Killing rams up to £119.00 and an overall average of £86.17. (McCartneys)