Supply of store cattle fails to meet demand at Bakewell

Trade was back to normal after the holiday period with some 600 cattle and 1,982 sheep forward at Bakewell market


Bagshaws reported solid trade despite concerns over the Euro exchange rate with OTM Cattle averaging 118p and Hoggs 206p.


The market saw the largest entry of finished cattle for some time at 204, maintaining a strong performance right through the sale.


The most exciting section of the day was the store cattle where the seasonal entry of 172 animals was insufficient to meet the demand.  The result was a tremendous trade with 7-8 month cattle making up to £850 and stronger ones well over £1,000.


Bagshaw said “If you have Store Cattle to sell, do not hesitate, Bakewell buyers would relish the opportunity to bid at them.”


The 112 barren and OTM cattle forward averaged 119.1p. This was an improved entry and a better trade with two more orders around the ring and a lot more bite to the trade.

The best cows sold to 165p for Jim Howard, Huddersfield with more of the best younger sorts over 140p.

There were plenty of feeding buyers operating again and there were some good “going on” sorts for them in the 125-140p bracket.


The 52 black and white and ex dairy cows averaged 109.1p with the best cows easy to sell and selling to 137p for D & LA Critchlow, Sheen, with all the better cows over 130p and meated Holsteins 125-130p.  Second rate sorts soldfrom 118-125p with parlour cows regularly over 110p. 


1,985 sheep, including 1,264 Hoggs & 721 Ewes and Rams, were up for grabs. There was a mixed show on offer with best butchers types selling to 237p/kg for a 42kg Texel with heavy weight Texels to 206p/kg.  The top 10 pens averaged 227.8p/kg.  The Farm Assured lambs still in demand with good lean export hoggs 40-47kg selling in the 210-220p/kg bracket.  Overall market average 207.99p/kg.


An outstanding entry of 721 Cull ewes and rams included several runs of grazed ewes attracted very brisk bidding for all types.  Best heavy Texel ewes peaked at £140 from Hadfield’s at Cold Eaton with Suffolks from the same farm to £130.  Meated Mules sold in the £80-£95 bracket with Swales in the £60-£65 bracket.

Cull Ewes to £140.  Average £72.56

Cull Rams to £125.  Average £89.11