Taking heads for Carlislem sheep sales

Well folks tomorrow is set to be on the busiest days for pedigree sheep trading Carlisle market will see this year with more than 500 Beltex tups coming under the hammer along with more than 200 Suffolks, Rouge, Bleu du Maine and Vendeens on offer too.

So, to bring you all up to date coverage from the sale I’ll be heading up there later today ready for an action packed day tomorrow. I’ve heard very few whispers of what the trade will be, but I supect the Beltex will be the pick of the trading having not had a sale yet this year. The Suffolks will fair reasonably well, but I suspect most breeders will have already sourced their main tups for this year.

The Rouge, Bleu and Vendeen sales are even harder to predict, but I can’t see them going past 1000gns unless there’s something really special in the catlogue which I haven’t spotted.

Here’s hoping the M6 is clear and the sun shines on Carlisle tomorrow.