Taking Stock arrive in Ireland for Beef Expo 2008

Well we thought we would try something different this weekend and take a look at some impressive cattle across the water.

Chrissie and I are at Beef Expo 2008 held at Kilkenny Market which I have to say is some livestock market. Today will see a number of beef breeds shown with cattle coming from both the South and North of Ireland.

Breeds on show today include Angus, Charolais, Limousin, Speckle Park, Hereford, Parthenaise, Piemontese, Shorthorn, Aubrac, Belgian Blue, Saler, Simmental and Blonde D’Aquitaine.

Most of the judges are Irish with a few exceptions to the rule such as one of Scotland’s leading Charolais and Limousin breeders Jim Goldie who will be judging the Limousin classes.

Judging starts at 10.30 and will run for most of the day, so we will try and keep you up to date with who has won what. There is some terrific breeding on offer……….we’ll keep you posted!