Taking Stock arrive in Perth

Well after the seven hour drive, the Taking Stock team has arrived at Perth for the February Bull Sales….and I’m pleased to say it’s not snowing….but it is cold!!!

We’ve had a look round the Aberdeen-Angus, Limousins, Shorthorns (and the odd Luing, Saler, Blue and Blonde) and stock looks well.

I’d say many Limousin breeders are hoping to emulate the success of Newhouse Limousins who sold well last February with their two black bulls, as there are quite a few Black bulls in residence….including a smart one or two from Newhouse again.

Tomorrow kicks off with judging of the Angus females at 8.30 so we’ll keep you posted with class results (my money could be on a rather strong Penguin or Oakchurch heifer!). Following the females, Angus males will take to the ring where I will be interested to see how a certain Rawburn bull stands out, there’s certainly enough buzz about in him in the lines.

I’m also looking forward to a strong show of Shorthorns, particularly the females, with three rather smart young heifers from Danny Wyllie having already caught my eye in the pens….we’ll wait and see!

So it’s off to the bar for a drink or two….or three or four to find out what pedigree news, gossip or scandal I can lay my heads on, or any other scandal for that matter!!

I’ll report back in the morning!