Taking Stock arrive in Perth

Well first thing to report is it’s bloody cold!!!!! The sun may be shining in Perth for the second week of the bull sales, but it’s definately fresh!!!

I’ve taken a look round and one or two Simmentals have already caught my eye. Of the females, the Sterling line up is very strong, with lot numbers 624, 628 and 630 being topping my choice. Of that Sterling Jool’s Tania, by Corskie Principal, stands out for me.

In the males, there seems to be a fair bit of fuss around one of the Blackford bulls – Blackford Tonka (lot 839). This May bull is by Drumsleed Pagan and weighs in at 1055kg – definately one to keep an eye on in the judging ring tomorrow. I have to say the Charolais lines haven’t had quite the same scrutiny, but so far the one that jumps out for me is lot 1337 – Fury Breeze from P Hackett, a bull by Domino. He’s well grown for his age with clean muscling, so we’ll wait and see.

Well it’s off to bed now to get a good night’s sleep before judging kicks off at 9am with Simmental females followed by males. Females are set to sell at 3pm tomorrow and as usual I’m hoping to bring you up to date sale coverage from the ringside.

Night for now!