North Country Cheviots set female high at Lockerbie

A strong entry of in-lamb ewes at Lockerbie saw prices rise to £3,200 for North Country Cheviots at the weekend (11 February).

Sale leader was a strong ewe lamb from KO Stones, Nun Cote Nook Farm, Marrick, Richmond, which set a new female high at the auction. 

Sired by Kinaldy Krugerrand 10853, she was snapped up by James Burton, Derbyshire.

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Cheviot Lot 38

Sale leader at £3,200 was a ewe lamb from K O Stones, Richmond © John Eveson

Mr Burton went on to secure the next two highest-priced lots. 

The first being the top priced gimmer at £2,200 from CR Graham and Son, Carruthers, Waterbeck, Lockerbie, for his Ericstane Rigwelter gimmer. 

She was sold in-lamb with twins to Hill Top Tommy.

His next purchase at £1,800 and from the same home was an empty ewe hogg sired by a Gospel Hall-bred ram.

The Park ewe’s averaged £756, with gimmers averaging £626 and ewe lambs £672. 

The Hill females averaged £442 with a top of £600 for the reserve champion, a gimmer from Kelsocleugh Farming.

The Champion from WN Douglas made £550 selling to Iredale Penrith Cumbria.

(Harrison and Hetherington)