Scottish prime lamb back 30p/kg as supply grows

Prime lamb markets faltered on Monday (24 July) across Scotland, with Ayr and Lanark reporting lambs back about 30/kg as supply swelled.

Meanwhile, a slightly smaller yarding at Newtown St Boswells ensured averages ran unchanged at 186p/kg.

This deepens the losses to prime values since midsummer highs of close to 250p/kg. Weekly Scottish averages are now sitting between 209p/kg and 215p/kg so far in July, reports AHDB Beef & Lamb.

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Ayr lambs back 29.3p/kg

Craig Wilson saw throughput swell by nearly a thousand lambs on Monday (24 July), but all weight classes were back for the 2,592 new-season lambs offered.

The extra 941 head proved harder to sell on the week, particularly in the 39.1kg to 45.5kg category, which was back 31.1p/kg. Overall SQQ was down from 213.2p/kg to 183.9p/kg.

Trade topped at £105 for heavyweight Texels from J Dunn, Martnaham Mains, and at £100 for Texels from J Wilson, Wheatfiield and A Howat, Enoch Farm.

Wheatfield Texels also topped the mart at 222.2p/kg, while Beltexes from Messrs Anderson, Old Walls, hit highs of 218.2p/kg.

Sorn Mains Suffolks saw highs of £95, with Charolais from Auchnmullanhill hitting £78.20, Mules at £76 and £71.50 from Farden and Cheviots at £74.80 from West Brockloch. (Craig Wilson)

Plentiful heavy lambs at Lanark

Throughput lifted by 100 head at Lanark on Monday (24 July) as 2,050 prime lambs averaged 186.1p/kg and yielded an SQQ of 185.5p/kg, making lambs 27.1p/kg cheaper on the week at about £10-£11 a head discount.

All weight classes were back barring heavy types, with an entry of 17 lambs at 52kg or more up 7.7p/kg on the week at 172.3p/kg.

Texels from Messrs R and M Struthers, Carluke, topped trade at 229.1p/kg for 43kg. Top-grossing stock were 49kg Texels from R and M Wilson, Whinbush, at £108.50.

Leading the medium-weight lambs (32.1-38kg) was JR Frant, South Carnduff, with Texels to 205.4p/kg. Meanwhile, heavy Beltexes from Burnetland grossed £99.50 and saw Suffolks to £101.50, along with Mayfield. (Lawrie and Symington)

St Boswells unchanged at 186p/kg

More than 200 fewer lambs couldn’t lift averages at St Boswells on the same day, where prices were back for all weight classes and heavy sorts were in strong supply.

A yarding of 1,802 prime lambs made an SQQ of 186p/kg, topping at £116 and 232.9p/kg for Texel lambs. Top-grossing animals were Suffolks from The Knock, while Huntingdon and The Lee saw £110 and £100 for their Suffolks.

Sydenham Texels made 232.9p/kg, while Crookston saw lambs to 229.2p/kg and 228.3pkg. Addertonshiels saw 185.2p/kg for Cheviots and Berrhill hit 185p/kg for Charolais. (Harrison and Hetherington)