Tell us what tools you can’t be without at calving

A safe and successful calving can be one of the highlights of working with cattle and we at Farmers Weekly would love to hear about the handy tools you use to help the job along.

Whether you calve every week or seasonally, Farmers Weekly’s Livestock team would like to know what tools you use that you couldn’t be without, whether it is sensors, cameras in your shed, alerts or apps on your phone, or safety equipment such as gates and crushes. 

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All we need are: 

  • A description of your tool or set-up
  • A brief explanation of why you wouldn’t be without it
  • A picture to illustrate your gadget and how it works

Please send your information to or tweet us @FarmersWeekly

To get the ball rolling we asked Livestock editor, Rhian Price, what her partner, Henry Wilson, uses on his 200-cow dairy farm in Shropshire. 

After installing cameras five years ago in their dry cow shed, Henry says he now couldn’t be without them, Rhian explains.

A camera in mounted in a livestock shed

“It makes night time calving so much easier and we’re now more proactive at checking them because it means everyone can do it quickly and easy. 

“But it is an assistance rather than a quick and easy answer and good stockman ship and knowing what to look for are key,” Rhian says.