Texel hoggs top £150 at Hexham

Hexham and Northern Marts saw the largest show of the season with 732 ewes and lambs passing through the ring.

Top price for Texel cross hoggs with lambs was £150 from Townfoot. B D Maine hoggs with lambs topped at £148 from Lough Green, with Mule hoggs with lambs making £136 from Brownsleazes.

Texel cross gimmers with lambs made £130, with Suffolk gimmers at £125 and Mule gimmers at £110.

Texel ewes with lambs topped at £145 from East Fourstones, with Suffolk’s making £115 from West Wharmley and Mule ewes topping at £116, from Middle Farm Cottage.

A mixed selection of 1561 cattle met another sharp trade. The sale topped at £1180 for an over 23 month old homebred Limousin bullock from Lough Green. Heifers sold to £950 from a three quarter Limousin from West Foreshield, Alston.

British Blonde cross steers saw a top price of £1080 being made from Lough Green. Blonde heifers saw top price of £725 made sold by Chesterwood.

Beef short horn steers saw a top price of £980 being made, sold by Biddlestone Home Farm. Charolais cross steers topped at £965 from Newlands Haugh and also Hammershield. Pure Charolais steers topped at £775. Angus cross steers topped at £840.

Belgian Blue cross steers topped at £805 from Camphill, with Belgian Blue young bulls making £1000 from Glendue.