The best time to sell stock

Looking objectively at what stock to present to market and when to do so, will help producers gain maximum return from the animals, according to auctioneer Stuart Hassall, Wright and Manley.

Speaking at this week’s Semex Conference, Glasgow, he said: “There’s a purchaser for pretty much anything, but the key is to maximise your product.

“Selection criteria should ensure animals are sold at the optimum time in relation to your calving pattern. Also, try and sell as many fresh cows as possible.”

When deciding when to sell you should also consider annual peaks and troughs in the market, with July and August quiet times for cow sales. “Aim for a time that suits your herd – don’t sell spring calvers in autumn.

“Many also try and aim their sale at SFP time, although this is often easier said than done.”

Mr Hassall explained that strength, power and width were the key attributes looked for by purchasers in the current market, with genomics becoming increasingly important.

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