The heat wave bypasses Alistair MacKintosh

While the rest of the country has been enjoying an unexpected heatwave, and many people have taken the opportunity to top up their tans with record temperatures, we set to with the harvest in an attempt to make progress.

Unfortunately, we only had three dry days, which gave us time to harvest the spring barley, but sadly couldn’t dry the winter barley sufficiently for the combine to travel. We did however manage to bale some more grass and hopefully by the time you read this straw will be in the barn.

Ewes have all been dosed and dipped and had their tails clipped out in readiness for clipping. At the time of writing, vasectomised tups are about to be released. We’ve been selling lambs regularly, and buying in breeding ewes and rams; therefore at this time of year the six-day standstill seems to have been more of an hindrance than usual.

We had some finished cattle sold last week, all making a very pleasing trade. I have to say that it needs to be with feeding costs where they are.

Number one son has had his first weekend at home since leaving for university in Edinburgh. He has many stories of socialising and meeting new friends, and initiation ceremonies, where new students are covered in all sorts of animal markers and sprays and left to walk home through heavily populated areas of town with little on other than the marker fluid. Nice to see some things never change.

Farmer Focus: Alistair Mackintosh

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