The Royal Welsh Show 2011: Individual sheep breed results



Welsh Hill Speckled Face Sheep

Cenin Eifion’s ram; res Richard Wyn Howatson’s ewe


Beulah Speckled Face Sheep

Miss A and E B Jones’ ram; res Mr and Mrs Ronald Jones’ram


Border Leicester

E Price’s shearling ewe; res, D R and E A Jones’shearling ram



Mrs S Farquhar’s maiden shearling ewe; res, Mrs S Farquhar’s ram


South Wales Mountain Sheep

Arthur Davies’ ram; res, Arthur Davies’ ewe


Brecknock Hill Cheviot Sheep

B Thomas’ ram; res, Mr Aaron Hughes’ ewe lamb


Clun Forest Sheep

C and A Meredith’s shearling ewe; res, Rex and Debbie Vincent and Searle’s ram





J and H Thomas’ ewe lamb; res, Procters Farm’s ewe


Llanwenog sheep

Huw Evans’ ram; res, G and W and I Evans’ ewe


Kerry Hill

Mr Sion Jones’ shearling ewe; res, N T B and J Radnor’s ram


Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep-Torddu

W E and C A Hughes and Sons’ shearling ewe; res, Mr Dafydd Griffiths’ ram


Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep-Torwen

D T H Thomas’ shearling ewe; res, Mrs E A Eagles’ ram


Welsh Mountain Sheep (pedigree)

Richard Wyn Lloyd’s shearling ewe; res, Richard Wyn Lloyd’s shearling ram


Welsh Mountain Sheep (hill flock)

Mr Gwyn P Williams’ shearling ram; res, G R and E G Rowlands’ ram lamb


Balwen Welsh Mountain

Meinir N Jones’ shearling ram


Hill Radnor

N T B and J Radnor’s ram; res, Miss R E Jones’ shearling ewe



Mrs Christine Lewis’s shearling ewe; res, D W and C F Morris’ ram


British Berrichon Du Cher

M C and K D Yeo’s ram; res, G B Thomas’ shearling ewe


Hampshire Down

E and B Jones’ shearling ewes; res, S and G Manson’s shearling ram



D J Harvey’s ram; res, V E and B M Samuel and Son’s shearling ewe