Three Counties: Individual sheep breed champions

Here’s the remaining individual sheep breed results from Three Counties



Messrs S and S Gibbon’s shearling ewe; res, G and K Jones’s ewe.

Berrichon Du Cher

Tom Stayt’s yearling ram; res, Mr Richard’s yearling ewe

Blue Texel

S C Chambers’s ram; res, Mr and Mrs Andrew’s yearling ewe

British Charollais

Mrs J Curtis’s yearling ewe; res, Mr D Jones’s ewe

Clun Forest

C and A Meredith’s ram; res, Mr R Vincent’s yearling ewe

Dorset Down

Mr R Burton’s ewe lamb; res, Warham Court Farm’s yearling ewe


Master and Mr Hay’s ram; res, Mrs S E Peter’s shearling ewe


Messrs R T Davies and Co’s ram; res, Hayne Oak Farm’s shearling ram


Mr C J Holmes’s ram lamb; res, V E and B M Samuel’s yearling ewe


Mr A J Thorburn’s shearling ewe; res, Mr C Scott’s shearling ewe

Bleu du Main

Mrs S Shone’s yearling ram; res, Mr and Mrs I J and M H Davies

Leicester Longwool

Mr S John’s yearling ewe in wool; res, Mr D Winkfield’s ewe

Oxford Down

Mr J W Hook’s yearling ram; res, Mr J R Williams’s ewe


Mr J R Williams’s ewe; res, Mr B Cooper’s ram


C S Ponting and Co’s ram; Res, Mr D I Corfield and Partner’s ewe

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep

Mrs P Laws’s yearling ram; res, Mr E O Williams’s shearling ewe


Mr A C Edwards’s ram; res, Yarnigale Jacob’s shearling ewe

Kerry Hill

N T B Radnor’s ewe; res, N T B Radnor’s ram

Lincoln Longwool

Risby Grange Longwool’s shearling ram; res, Mr S Higgins’s yearling ewe


Mr D Lewis’s ram; res, Messrs Donovan’s ram

Any other native

E B and S Jones’s Hampshire Down; E B and S Jones’s Hampshire Down

Any other continental

Mr P Tait’s British Rouge shearling ram; Mr P Tait’s British Rouge ewe lamb