Tom Rawson finds grass growth variable

As I write this article I am holiday for a week with Catherine, the kids and in-laws: It’s the first non-farming-related holiday since our honeymoon, and the first time I haven’t had my mobile phone with me since July 1996 – that’s the beauty of having a business partner.

Speaking of which, Oli has moved to Wrexham as we have recently taken on a share-milking opportunity, milking about 400 cows supplying Tesco.

AI has started at Dewsbury with the cows looking in excellent condition, however grass quality is not as good as it should be due to lack of moisture. Hopefully some rain in the forecast will give us the confidence to top off the rougher bits to allow for better regrowth. As it stands at the moment, any blade of grass is available dry matter. The Lincolnshire farm is growing surprisingly well with second-cut silage taken in early June.

A little knowledge is certainly a dangerous thing – a new family have moved into the village and they asked me if the farm sign that clearly states “long-life cows” meant that our milk gets put into UHT.

Finally, I had a lucky escape the other week. On Sunday morning I came in from milking (yes milking) and noticed Catherine was bent over filling the dishwasher. I was just about to give her a loving tap on the bottom when I realised it was my mother-in-law in the wife’s dressing grown!


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