Top tips for effective rat control on-farm

Farmers are being encouraged to get on top of rat control now, as wet weather accelerates the movement of rats from fields to farms. Here are some top tips from the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use to getting on top of rat control.

1. Use a planned approach, keeping a record of actions, locations and dates.

2. Use enough baiting points and mark each one on a site plan.

3. Record quantity of bait at each location, including top-ups.

4. Collect and dispose of rodent bodies regularly.

5. Ensure bait is not accessible to non-target species (including pets and children).

6. Inspect every bait location regularly and replenish accordingly.

7. Remove all bait from every location at the end of the treatment period.

8. Act as soon as you see evidence of rats on-farm.

9. Housekeeping around the farmstead following effective rodenticide use, such as clearing old pallets and straw bales, can help reduce the probability of reinfestation.

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