Trial looks at how much carbon soils can lock up

Farmers will soon be able to gain a better understanding of how much carbon soils are able to lock up, thanks to a new trial.

Independent dairy specialist Kingshay is collecting soil samples from dairy farmers – members and non-members – to assess the total percentage of organic carbon in soil.

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Farmers taking part in the trial are also being asked to complete a questionnaire about their field management, such as nutrient application and reseeding programmes, to see whether there are any correlations.

Speaking to Farmers Weekly at Dairy Tech, Emily Carter, data projects co-ordinator at Kingshay, said:

“We think there will be a huge variation in the samples and, by asking the farmers to complete the survey, we will hopefully be able to get an understanding on why there are variations.”

There are expected to be about 300 samples feeding into the trial, and results should be available this summer.