TV’s David Attenborough joins badger cull opposition

Natural history broadcaster Sir David Attenborough has condemned the government’s plans for a badger cull to control bovine TB.

The Badger Trust has released a video featuring the world famous naturalist in which he states that the evidence suggests that culling is not a viable policy option.

The video has been released on the day of the Badger Trust’s appeal against the decision in the High Court to allow badger culling to go ahead.

The organisation is trying to stop DEFRA giving the go-ahead for pilot culls to take place in Somerset and Gloucestershire over the next four years.

Ministers have warned that unless action is taken to control the spread of the disease in wildlife then the disease will cost £1bn in England alone.

The video released by the Badger Trust also features Simon King, president of the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts, investigative journalist George Monbiot and zoologist and broadcaster Mark Carwardine.

They join a growing list of celebrities against the cull including actress Joanna Lumley, rockstar Brian May and novelist Jilly Cooper.

Meanwhile, animal group the RSPB has stated that it will not allow the culling of badgers to take place within any of its nature reserves, irrespective of any government policy, stating that does not “believe that culling badgers is the answer to controlling TB at this time.”

Organisations such as the RSPCA, the Wildlife Trust and the League Against Cruel Sport are all actively campaigning to change the government’s mind over the cull.

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