Udder thermal imaging helps detect mastitis early

A new thermal imaging system could help detect mastitis cases two to three days before clinical symptoms appear.

The product from Swedish company Agricam has been shown to help limit production losses and reduce antibiotic use by 85% and was recently launched internationally.

Swedish dairy farmer Lars-Gunnar Samuelsson has been using CaDDi mastitis to determine the welfare of his lactating animals through early detection of mastitis.

The system has been proven to improve productivity and reduce mastitis costs, while reducing the need for antibiotics.

Lars-Gunnar Samuelsson says: “We discover mastitis two to three days earlier and we are able to prevent it naturally. The cows do not fall ill and milk yield has increased.”

For further inquiries contact Agricam’s CEO Ellinor Eineren. Tel: 0046-768- 61 99 05, email: ellinor.eineren@agricam.se

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