Very brief Rosemead Aberdeen-Angus highlights

For the Angus fans among you here are a couple of snippets from yesterday’s sale. Unfortunately, I shan’t be able to bring you a full report until tomorrow.

I’m told the top call of the sale was a 6500gns bid for a bull from the Lockerley herd of the Van Geest family, although I don’t know which of the two entered it would have been.

Second best of the sale and best call from the Rosemead herd was a 6000gns bid for Rosemead Bright Maifd H880 (lot 5). This is by Ellin Erroneous and out of Rosemead Bright Maid D474, a Lockerley Mere Boy daughter. She sold with an SRI of +34 and an SRI of +28 and was due in the spring to Lockerley Profit. I don’t know buyer details at this stage.

Cattle were in demand from across the UK and Europe with buyers from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England competing with mainland Europe bidders for the best of the cattle on offer. Full report tomorrow.