Vets step up monitoring of poultry units as avian flu contingency plan kicks in

The contingency plan for avian flu has swung into action following confirmation of the H5N1 strain in a swan found in Cellardyke, Fife.

State Veterinary Service officials are in the process of visiting registered poultry premises within the 3km protection zone to take samples from birds.

As yet there is no indication that infection is in the domestic poultry flock, although tests are being carried out on 14 more wild birds found dead in the region.

Vets are also stepping up their monitoring of poultry flocks in the 10km surveillance zone set up by the Scottish Executive.

In this zone, vets are patrolling poultry units and clinically examining birds for any sign of the virus.

Surveillance has also been increased in a 2500 sq km wild bird risk area which was designated on Thursday evening (6 April).

The wild bird risk area stretches to the east of the M90 from the Forth Road Bridge to Perth, south of the A90 between Perth and Dundee and east of the A90 between Dundee and Stonehaven.

The Scottish Executive has told farmers in all three zones that poultry should be housed if possible, and if it is not, they should be separated from contact with wild birds.

Advice for farmers on housing or the best ways to minimise contact with wild birds is available from the Scottish Executive and DEFRA

defra cellardyke map