VIDEO: Farmers furious over Welsh Assembly handling of bluetongue

Livestock farmers in Wales have been left angry and confused over the Welsh Assembly’s handling of the bluetongue situation.

Farmers at the Royal Welsh Show said they were “left in the dark” over the disease and did not know when they would be able to vaccine.

One sheep farmer said the situation was “very worrying” and was threatening the future of his business.

“Everyone’s wondering what’s going to happen.”

Their comments came after Welsh assembly rural affairs minister Elin Jones said she was considering abandoning the idea of gradually rolling out vaccination in favour of declaring the whole of Wales a bluetongue protection zone.

Instead of beginning the vaccination process in August when the next 1m doses were available, she said vaccination may be delayed until a further 5.5m doses on order became available in early September.

This would help farmers through the hugely important autumn sales of breeding stock by making more customers available in England.

For more farmer reaction on bluetongue from the show, watch this video: